HO Chi-pin

-家政科榮譽教育學士 (香港教育學院)

 Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Home Economics

 (Hong Kong Institute of Education)

-法式糕點文憑 (澳洲 William Angliss Institute of TAFE)

 Diploma of Hospitality Management (Patisserie)

 (William Angliss Institute of TAFE, Australia)


 Qualified Pastry Chef (Australia)

-法式糕點証書 (法國巴黎藍帶廚藝學院)

 Certificate of Patisserie (Le Condon Bleu, Paris)

-法式糕點証書 (日本東京藍帶廚藝學院)

 Certificate of Patisserie (Le Condon Bleu, Tokyo)


 Hong Kong Registered teacher



 Pastry Instructor, Hong Kong Towngas Cooking Centre


 Pastry Instructor,

 Hong Kong Vocational Training Council IVDC Centre

-澳洲 Wild about you朱古力師

 Chocolatier, Australia Wild About You

-澳洲 RACV club法式糕點師

 Pastry Chef, Australia RACV Club

-澳洲 Grand Hyatt Melbourne Hotel法式糕點師

 Pastry Chef, Australia Grand Hyatt Melbourne Hotel


LEUNG Ka-ming


Master of Science in Food science and Nutrition (CUHK)


 Bachelor of Education (Honours) in PE and Sports

 Science (CUHK)


 Certificate in Applied Nutrition and Family Health


 Hong Kong Registered teacher

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